​Rules​ of the Red River Valley Saddle Club

1. Correct clothing for all Pleasure and Showmanship classes, long sleeved shirt, hat (at Judge's discretion) or helmet, boots and correct equipment for your horse. No hackamores or tiedowns.

2. Ride applicable to the bit, i.e. ride 2 handed with a snaffle and 1 handed in a curb, regardless of the horse's age.

     See Addendum #28.on Rules Pg 2 .

3. One ride in each class allowed for score.

4. You are responsible for your horses' manners inside and out of the ring.

5. Competitions start at 10:00 AM. Please be on time. Allow enough time to be signed up, tacked up and ready to enter the arena at 10:00 am.

6. Must compete in 3 shows to be eligible for yearend awards. (Addendum Jan. 2006)

7. There will be 6 shows with the highest of the 4 scoring shows counted for the total score for high point.

8. Points will be given in age divisions. Children (0-12) Juniors (13-18) and Seniors (19 and over) there will be a maximum of 6 points given for first place in any event if the number of competitors is 6 or more. If there are 5 in the class, first place will receive 5 points, 2nd place 4 points and so on.  That way, the number of points reflects the amount of participation.

9. Children's age group will show Western Pleasure and Horsemanship as a walk-trot class.

10. Memberships count the age you are at the first show of the season.

11. Membership fees must be paid by the first show entered in order for those points to count toward year end awards.

12. Must ride a family owned or leased horse to score.  A lease copy must be provided to RRVSC prior to competing with any leased horse for points to count toward year end awards.

13. No racing or fooling around at competitions.  Keep your horses away from spectator areas and from waiting in front of the arena entrance.

14. Classes with points counting toward year end awards are: Showmanship, Western Pleasure, Western Horsemanship, Barrels, Poles, and Keyhole.

15. Children and juniors will be given ribbons at the show.

16. All bats must have a 2" popper at the end.

17. No hitting the horses in front of the cinch with bats.

18. Proof of a current Negative Coggins report MUST be on file before unloading your horse. Please bring the original plus a copy for the secretary to keep on file.

19. A liability waiver must be signed before riding.

20. 2004 Addendum-Leadline entrants can also participate in Leadline, Barrels, Poles, and Keyhole. That way they can compete against themselves and be lead through the patterns.

21. 2005 Addendum- An Open Walk Trop Western Pleasure Class will be added to the show. This will be a judged class with all Western Pleasure rules applying.  Riders may enter this class but will be ineligible to enter the Western Pleasure or Horsemanship classes with the Walk Trot Horse.

22. 2005- Addendum- An open non-judged class such as Hangman or Figure 8 jumping may be added to the end of the show.

23. 2006-Addendum- Anyone attempting to upright a tipping Barrel or Pole with their hand in the timed classes will receive a 5 second penalty.

24. 2006- Addendum- No running your horse into the arena for timed classes.  Must enter at a walk.  Cones will mark entrance spot.

25. 2009-Addendum- A new age division was created in the year end point earning classes which are Halter Showmanship, Western Pleasure, Horsemanship, Barrels, Poles and Keyhole.  The age division is 45 years and older.

26. 2011-Addendum- A new age division was added: PeeWee class 8 years of age and under in the year end point earning classes.  Children's age division will now be 9-12 for all point earning classes.

27. 2013-Addendum- Over and under whips are approved for use in games for the Adult and Senior classes only.  All classes can use bats that follow Rule 1