2018-Addendum- Correct Bits for  Western Performance Classes.

1. Curb Bits - must be used on horses six years old and older. It is optional on younger horses.  The length of the shank is a maximum of 8.5 inches.  If the bit has a port, the maximum height of the port is 3.5 inches.

When using a curb bit only one hand is to be used.

2. No gag bits allowed. No sliding action where the mouth piece is attached to the shank is allowed.

3. A snaffle bit ( D-ring, O-ring or egg butt) is permissible, provided the horse is five years old or younger.  Mouthpiece may be round, oval, egg-shaped, smooth or twisted wire with a diameter of 5/16" to 3/4" measured 1" from the cheek. 2 hands must be used on the reins and be visible to the judge.

4. Bosal with mecate reins is permissible,, provided the horse is five years old or younger.

5. Mechanical hackamores and tie downs are prohibited.  A mechanical hackamore is considered to be any hackamore with metal under the jaw or metal used in a leverage action.Type your paragraph here.