The RRVSC met at The Borup Community Hall on January 27th 2018 for the Annual Meeting. The meeting was called to order by President Steen at 5:50 pm.
The secretary's report was read by Vickey , and was approved as read.
The treasurer’s report was read by Diane. The balance on hand is $4627.08 which includes 1000.00 grant money. Old speakers sold for 400.00, fundraisers totaled 3097.99, membership dues 2445.00.  One major purchase for 2017 was new speakers for 1559.96. Motion made to accept the report by Cayley Steen and seconded by Morgan Kastner. Motion carried.
Old Business:
Craig has been working on getting the most for our money on the bleachers and we should have them by spring.
Should the membership dues stay the same as 2017? Motion made by Morgan Kastner and seconded by Diane Brommenschenkel, motion carried.
Website suggestions to improve if need be, there were no changes or suggestions made by anyone.
Fun Show date is set for June 23rd 2018 during fair week.
New Business:
There will be an adjustment to the work related rule. When you register for classes you need to sign up for 2 working jobs to help the club at that show. If your name is not checked off on the sheet, you will need to come up with the 5.00 no work fee or you will not be able to enter in any further classes.
We will be closing the gate after a 3rd and final call for entrants in each class unless a discussion has been made with the announcer prior to the class.

President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer positions are open for nominations. Cayley Steen moved to keep all the same officers, Lindsey seconded. Motion carried.
2 one year director positions are open for nominations, Lindsey Abentroth nominated Deb Carlson and Diane Brommenschenkel nominated Jeremy Abraham. Dan Brommenschenkel motioned to cease any further nominations and Patty Steen seconded the motion. Motion carried.
2 junior board members are up for nominations, nominated are Madison Abraham, Heidi Lee and Evan Borgen.  Craig stated we will have all 3 this term.
Started last year and making it yearly, we would like to recognize a couple of people from the club each year for their efforts and contributions to making the club run smoothly and safely. This year that recognition was, Melody Okke and Patti Steen
Patti Steen made the motion to adjourn, Diane Brommenschenkel seconded. Motion carried.

2017 High Point winners:


Pee Wee: Hadley Abentroth

Children's: Lily Shirardo

Juniors: Evan Borgen

Adults: Cayley Steen

Seniors: Carol Sheridan